Breeze of Liberation Retreat

Breeze of Liberation Retreat
07 Jul, 13:00 SAST – 13 Jul, 13:00 SAST
Farm 284 Jasenville District, Paardepoort, Addo, 6265, South Africa

The Breeze of Liberation Retreat is a one week residential retreat for people living stressful lifestyles to unplug, nourish and revitalize their bodies, minds and spirit to heal, attain high levels of personal wellness.
During the retreat you will work with passionate and highly experienced holistic healers, coaches, counselors and teachers from Europe, Canada and South Africa and participate in therapies, wellness practices such as: Yoga, breath-work, Meditation, Conscious movement, Ecotherapy (including game drives and hiking), Masterclasses and discourses on personal development
You will have three delicious healthy meals a day.

Some of the Masterclass and discourse will cover topics such as: Dealing with anger, anxiety and fear; overcoming limiting beliefs, managing, cravings, and aversions, overcoming conformity, how to connect with your intuition, and How to manifest a life of abundance, purpose, and meaning
You will significantly heal from emotional and psychological pain, build or regain your inner strength, deepen your connection with yourself, other human beings and nature.

Retreat Facilitators


Eszter Jagica,
Toronto - Canada

Eszter holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto, Canada. After almost two decades of working as an artist and academic, Eszter felt a strong calling to change her vocation. In the past two years she completed a yoga-psychotherapy and life coach consultant training at the Narada Vedic Academy in Budapest, Hungary. In 2020 she became a New Humanity School meditation and Yoga of Now teacher. 

Allo Faceshot a-min.jpg

Dieudonne Allo,
Port Alfred, South Africa

Dieudonné Allo is a gifted meditation, Kriya yoga and Breath-work instructor. His inner transformation was triggered by his traumatic childhood experiences and many crisis in his adulthood that set him on a path of existential crisis. He was later supported by some highly envolved souls on his journey to begin a deep process of healing and align to his true mission on earth. 
Dieudonné has led wellness seminars for South Africa and the USA groups. He developed the "Breezes of Liberation Courses," which he currently  facilitates in retreats and sharing circles communities around Port Alfred. Dieudonne is also well-known for his non-profit work in South Africa and parts of Africa 


Sharon Jessop, Gqeberha, South Africa

Sharon is a wildlife warrior, conservationist, fitness fanatic, wellness expert, ultra-endurance athlete, adventurer, adrenaline junkie, serial entrepreneur, coach and trainer passionate about people, personal growth and development, a motivational speaker and TV show host with contagious energy and a zest for life. Sharon is a qualified fitness trainer and a law graduate and the founder and owner of Go Well With Sharon and Iron Angels ZA Fitness Training.



Emila Jagica,
San José, Costa Rica

Emilia turned to Yoga as a holistic life approach to heal, for she suffered from a spinal injury since her early 20's. This inner journey allowed for a deeper seeing of the interconnectedness of body-mind-spirit and a greater body awareness, which in turn became a crucial inspiration and component of her drawings and performances. As she quickly felt the positive effects of the Asanas, meditations, Kriya's and Pranayamas on all the aspects of her life, she was called to share her experiences with others. Emilia is a Yoga Alliance certified - Yoga of Now Teacher, available for private and group session. She began practicing yoga 10 years ago combining several modalities of Yoga Asanas, such as Asthanga, Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, and lastly Krya Yoga. Having spent the last six months of her life dedicated to living in an Eco Village in Costa Rica named Pachamama, she has truly understood the interconnectedness of all things, and only by honouring the treasures and blessings of nature, can we access our full energetic and vital potentials. Now she combines Ecstatic Dance and Cacao Ceremonies to aid in attuning ourselves to gratitude and in celebrating life and all of existence.