Breeze of Liberation Course one in Kenton-on-Sea

From 25 to 27 February 2022, 10 young community leaders from Nemato township attended the first Breeze of Liberation Course one Bootcamp in Kenton-on-sea. This all-men group was meant to support young leaders to change beliefs that support all forms of violence, substance abuse, crime and other community behavioral challenges. At the center of the program was emotional healing and mental wellness. This was a safe space for young men to be vulnerable and get in touch with their feelings.

Participants were empowered to transform negative subconscious thoughts and beliefs to more life-supporting ones, manage emotional pain and fear, build inner strength and become servant leaders in their communities. They practiced intensive breath-work, meditation and yoga techniques to stimulate the vagus nerve and psoas muscles to release stress and traumas. They were also empowered to break the cycle of reactivity and improve their response to triggers.

They learned how to resolve inner and outer conflicts with compassion and forgiveness.

At the end of the course, participants reported that they felt lighter, less stressed and motivated to lead positive change in their communities.

To sustain this program, they will have weekly study circles where they will discuss specific issues affecting their lives and that of their communities and find positive ways of dealing with them, continue meditating and exercising. This will help them to reinforce their daily personal practice

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