Breeze of Liberation Course

The Breeze of Liberation is a holistic wellness course which seeks to promote well-being through mindfulness. Through mindful discourses, meditation, Kriya yoga, breath-work and daily practices, fear, anger, anxiety, cravings and addictions are overcome. You will learn to manage automatic thoughts and limiting beliefs, triggers and difficult emotions. As you forgive, heal and let go, compassion and a deeper understanding of life and purpose arises within you. From this place you begin manifesting your divine purpose.

The Breeze of Liberation Course is currently being offered in sharing and meditation circles, retreats and Bootcamps. An online model will be pivoted soon.


The first part of the course focuses on managing excessive thinking and limiting beliefs, difficult emotions (reaction vs response) and fear, Dealing with difficult people and situations, forgiveness, and living a grateful life. It includes practices such as positive affirmations, breath-work, and an introduction to anapanasati Meditation. 
The second part of the BoL course focuses on deepening conscious awareness, through which past pain is dissolved. One becomes more centered and compassionate towards themself and others. A deeper understanding of life and purpose arises.  

The breeze of Liberation courses are offered in small groups at weekend Bootcamps, weekly study circles, workshops and retreats. They are offered in Port Alfred to small community groups at 35 Campbell Stress. Contact us for more information. Sign up for one of our weekend Bootcamps, retreats or classes. We are also open to offering this to any groups upon request. Contact us for more information. The courses will be offered online soon.