Self empowerment training courses

We are living in very challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated humanity’s individual and collective suffering. Most people now live in fear, anxiety, and worry.

These challenges come with opportunities to anchor our victimhood or evolve on a personal and collective level. Many people spend their time trying to change their external world to make their lives better. While it is possible to achieve temporal change by controlling the external, real transformation starts from within. In the current global situation, Kowie Breeze is giving you an opportunity to discover and tap into your “superhuman self” to transcend these circumstances and start living a life of purpose. We are doing this through different courses that seek to support inner transformation through:

  • Conscious awareness development

  • Nervous system strengthening

  • Transformation of limiting beliefs

  • Conscious manifestation of abundance

Choose of our courses below to start your journey:


Superhuman Self Activation Program

Are you you feeling like you keep hitting the brick wall? Are you in any kind of crisis? Are you feeling confused, doubtful and insecure? Are you searching for meaning in your life? Are you feeling like you keep attracting the wrong people and things into your life? Are you feeling like life is working against you? Are you tired of running around circles? Then this course is for you! This course will to meet the guru within you, begin operating in an uncommon way, and manifesting the best life possible for you. 

Breezes of Compassion 

This trauma-informed self-awareness training program will support the development of self-awareness, self-compassion,  self-regulation, focus, concentration in teenagers and mindful conflict resolution. Through this development they will be more capable of transcending trans-generational trauma, build more resilience in dealing with difficult situations, increase their focus and attention span and ultimately increase their creativity and performance

Yellow Rose

Breezes of Liberation

Most often, when development agencies look at historically disadvantaged communities, all they see are jobless, unemployed, hungry,  sick, uneducated, poor people. Then they create causes to alleviate the sufferings of these people. While these causes are worthy and often provide some form of relief to the beneficiaries, they are often not sustainable, create a culture of dependency and encore the cycle of victimhood and helplessness. Kowie Breeze beliefs that sustainable development can be achieved through personal and collective self-development.


Liberation Parenting

Are you a parent? Are you interesting in bringing awareness and presence into your parenting process? Are you interesting in raising a truely liberated being? Then this course is for you. Through this course will be guided by experts and experienced practitioners to build healthier and more conscious relationships with your children



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