Superhuman Self Activation Program

This course will completely transform your life 

In this course, you will discover and unlock the hidden power within you. With this power, you will heal from past trauma and heavy emotions, connect more with yourself and your intuition and begin manifesting a happier and more fulfilled life. 


The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Body, emotion, and mental awareness

  • Exploring underlying beliefs and hidden stories behind our behavior

  • Transgenerational trauma

  • Traumas as pathways to spiritual transformation (Christian, esoteric, African and Native American experience)

  • Trauma healing and stress reduction techniques: African,  Native American and  Eastern  techniques

  • Introduction to mindfulness

  • Cultivating love and compassion for self and others

  • Dealing with difficult situations and people

  • The Power of Silence

  • Wellness - Building resilience through yoga and meditation

  • Creating from presence (Manifestation)

  • A self-sponsored one-week wellness retreat in South Africa (optional)


Coming soon....


Upon completing this course, you will be able to apply mindfulness practices to transcend stress and the impact of intergenerational trauma in your day-to-day life


You will have a deeper understanding of historical trauma, core beliefs and how they impact your day-to-day functioning and decisions


You will be able to exercise a deep sense of compassion towards yourself, other people and their environment, creating a feeling of harmony with life.  

You will be able to use meditation and yoga practices to build more resilience and healthy lifestyles. 


You will significantly improve your ability to focus and concentration on clear intentions you set. With this ability, you will be able to manage your emotions and general quality of life. 


You will be able to use your awareness to consciously choose the state of your mind and optimise the quality of your life